Community Partners

Since we started Pigeon Cove Ferments in 2016, our priority has been local first. Our goal is to offer the community truly local, truly healthy food products using simple, locally sourced ingredients.

We have developed strong relationships with many fantastic, small farms around Cape Ann and the North Shore of Massachusetts. We are proud to be able to tell our customers where our ingredients came from and who grew them.

Here are some of our community partners:

Alprilla Farm - Essex, MA

100% of our green cabbage comes from Alprilla. We also source carrots, beets, scallions, and daikon radish.

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Appleton Farms/The Trustees - South Hamilton, MA

We source Napa cabbage, red beets, scallions, carrots, and daikon radish from Appleton Farms.

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Cedar Rock Gardens - Gloucester, MA

We source carrots, beets, dill, jalapeños, and scallions from Cedar Rock Gardens.

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Seaview Farm - Rockport, MA

We source carrots, daikon radish, and cabbage from Seaview Farm.

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Iron Ox Farm - Topsfield, MA

We source beets, carrots, scallions, and red onions from Iron Ox Farm.

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Common Crow Natural Market - Gloucester, MA)

We source our sugar for kombucha from them and they are our go to to source ingredients on the fly. They are also the first store to carry us and just a strong community partner for our business.

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Backyard Growers - Gloucester, MA

A community organization that provides raised beds for low income families in Gloucester. We donate to them, they promote us, and we host a popular annual fermentation class at our shop for the general public.

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