Daikon Kelp Kraut
Daikon Kelp Kraut

Daikon Kelp Kraut

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Maine kelp, local scallions & daikon radish, black sesame seeds & red pepper flakes. This kraut is extra briny and a bit spicy with a hint of a citrusy after bite.

Ingredients: Cabbage, Daikon Radish, Sea Salt, Scallions, North Atlantic Kelp, Black Sesame Seed, Red Pepper Flake.

  • Lacto Fermented
  • Probiotic
  • Raw
  • Vinegar Free

Each batch is unique, taste may vary.

Sauerkraut is a live food, contents may bubble when opened.

Keep Refrigerated. Best if eaten 1 month after opening.

NET WT. 16 OZ (454g)